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Want to Learn How to Make Money with Your Website?

This website was built through Wealthy Affiliate, who has been a great ally in developing the various tools I use on the site. They can also show you how to place links to others’ affiliate programs on your site. Then when you drive traffic to those websites, you can earn commissions. Wealthy Affiliate can show you how all this works. Click here to learn more.

To be completely candid, I’ll point out that, when you click that link, I will receive a commission from Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to join their program. That will not make it more expensive for you. Wealthy Affiliate, like many merchants, is very happy to have the business I bring them, and happy to pay me for sending you their way. They consider it inexpensive advertising.

Wealthy Affiliate training programs are excellently done, and very easy to understand, even for a “non-techie” like me. Check it out!