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Hillclimbing – A Unique Type of Road Racing!

Hillclimbing is a popular type of competition among many sports car clubs who operate in hilly areas. It’s essentially a time trial (meaning one car at a time competing for the fastest time) road race up a steep mountain road. My own experience is with the Sports Car Club of NH (SCCNH)

What Type of Sports Car Racing is for You?

So Many Ways to Compete with, and Otherwise Enjoy, Your Car! There are many types of sports car racing events, and other ways to enjoy your car. Since I’m familiar mostly with Autocrossing and Hillclimbing, I discuss those in detail in posts I’ve written (or will write).  Other types of racing events

About John

Why Should You Pay Attention to me? After about 12 years of Autocrossing, I discovered Hillclimbing on an exciting weekend in September 2010 at Mt. Ascutney, VT – driving up a 20 MPH scenic tourist road at speeds near 100 MPH (100+ for moire powerful cars – not mine)! Since then, while