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Preparing Your Car to Race

Whatever type of racing you do, preparation of your car is extremely important. You can learn all the racing techniques in the world. You can select with great care and research the car you race   While it may not be the first place you think of when you’re selecting supplies, accessories and parts, Amazon … Read more

Best Tires for Your Type of Racing?

In several posts on this site, I’ve mentioned that tires are among the most significant factors in racing performance. Think about it! In all racing you’re driving your car as fast as you can maintain control of it. Or maybe, as fast as it will go!. When you lose control, the cause is usually the … Read more

Website Review – – Great Prices and Great Advice on Tires & Wheels. Suspension Parts Available, too

Tires and Wheels When you need to buy racing tires – and you will, if you do any amount of racing – The Tire Rack is an excellent place to do it. Your local tire shop, even if it’s a high volume dealer, is unlikely to stock specialty tires or be able to get them at … Read more

What Type of Sports Car Racing is for You?

So Many Ways to Compete with, and Otherwise Enjoy, Your Car! There are many types of sports car racing events, and other ways to enjoy your car. Since I’m familiar mostly with Autocrossing and Hillclimbing, I discuss those in detail in posts I’ve written (or will write).  Other types of racing events – drag racing, … Read more